Apply for Asylum, filling out form I-589

Our team helps you craft form I-589 and guide you through the process of asylum application and connect you to our partners attorney for legal advice. ensuring you have access to a wide array of opportunities.

Efficient Application Assistance

We assist you in completing online job applications, matching you with positions that align with your qualifications and aspirations.


At Action for Life, we are committed to helping individuals access essential social services, assisting with forms including Asylum applications forms I-589 and work permit. For newcomers to Maine, we ensure they receive suitable clothing for the local weather conditions.


Striving for academic excellence is a priority at Action for Life. We facilitate access to ESL (English as a Second Language) classes, although there may be a waiting list at Adult Portland Education. Rest assured; we are actively seeking additional locations to accommodate the demand. If you need an English language class, contact us today so we can ensure you are added to the list and start your learning journey promptly.

Do you want to go back to school?